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Fresh, Tasty and Everyday


Choose from 250+ items ranging from multiple food cusines to 

savories, fruit bowls, cookies, cakes, protein food and many

more to suit your


Why Choose Us


Fresh & Seasonal


Absolutely delicious food that will make your culinary experience standout like never before

Dedicated account manager to

help you decide your

menu and customise based

on your need

All our items are freshly made & sampled for freshness to ensure highest quality food reaches

your employees

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Are you an admin / HR looking for tasty, healthy & fresh snacking option?

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Pancake Stack__briewilly_edited.jpg

Srija, Admin Head

IT Firm, Chennai

It's interesting to see how Frutta helped my employees to switch over a healthy and fresh snacks without whining about it and no compromise on taste. Today all of them wait for their 4pm snacks. I think Frutta is doing a great job in making us realize that it's time to eat healthy.


Gayathri, Admin Head

Top Design Firm, Chennai

Frutta products are really tasty. Since my employees work very late, it's imperative for me to take care of their snacking needs. I am happy to have Frutta for my employees. Kudos to their team and keep launching new products.

Bowl of Fruits_edited.jpg

Balaji, Head of Admin

Top R&D Firm, Chennai

Frutta has come like a saviour to me. I am elated that my employees are happy now. It is fun working with Frutta team. They have endless pursuit to client satisfaction.


Venkatesh, HR Head

Top Logistics Firm, Chennai

It just took me 2 days to confirm and start orders with Frutta and they are solving a real need. The best part about the team is they are always hungry to understand and solve my needs.

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